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Overseas Credit Guarantee Fund (Taiwan)

The government of the Republic of China (R.O.C.) has always been concerned about the economic development of overseas Chinese. In order to effectively assist overseas Chinese to found new enterprises and expand their businesses through offering credit guaranties, the Overseas Chinese Credit Guaranty Fund was founded pursuant to the approval of the Executive Yuan of the Republic of China on July 18, 1988, and registered as a foundation. In 1998, the Fund started to provide credit guarantee service for Taiwanese enterprises worldwide. In order to meet the Fund's practical requirements, clarify the criteria of application, and consider the Fund's characteristic, the Fund changed its name to "Taiwan Overseas Credit Guarantee Fund" in May 2008. Later, in connection with our Chinese name and in accordance with the domestic practice, our board of directors has approved to adopt Overseas Credit Guarantee Fund (Taiwan) as our new English name.  For more information about OCGF, please visit their official website.




The purpose of the OCGF’s program is to provide credit guaranties for overseas Chinese businesses and Taiwanese enterprises that have growth potential but lack of collateral so as to assist them to secure loans from financial institutions.



How do I apply?

GBC International Bank is proud to offer OCGF loan program, a worldwide loan program guaranteed by the Overseas Credit Guarantee Fund.  It extends business line of credit to overseas Chinese individuals and enterprises in the United States.  Loan documentation requirement is similar to conventional bank loans with flexible repayment terms.  You can contact one of our loan officers regarding your company’s eligibility for an OCGF loan.



We have branches in California and Washington States to serve your financial needs.

For detail of the Overseas Credit Guarantee Fund (Taiwan) Loan programs, please call to talk to one of our loan officers in Marketing / Lending Team.


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