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EX-IM Guarantee Programs

GBC International Bank is a Delegated Authority Lender of the Export-Import Bank of the United States (Ex-Im Bank). Through the various financing programs available, we assist our exporters in selecting the best program based on their needs, then customize and facilitate their export transactions accordingly.

Being a Delegated Authority Lender enables GBC to approve the credit facility and fund the export transactions in a more expeditious manner. For borrowers that meet the Ex-Im Bank eligibility criteria, GBC International Bank will typically issue a Letter of Interest within a week and have the credit facility set up within 3 to 4 weeks upon receiving the complete package from your company. Quicker turnaround time means saving you money.

The benefits of Ex-Im guaranteed line of credit include:

  1. Fulfill export sales orders of any size
  2. Turn export-related inventory and accounts receivable into cash
  3. Give you an edge in competing against competitors
  4. Reasonable interest rates to increase your profitability
  5. Structured Trade Financing

GBC International Bank offers short-term financing to support sales of U.S. exporters structuring revolving or transaction specific lines of credit.

In the revolving line of credit, our bank can finance a combination of up to of 90% on accounts receivable and 75% on inventory. This revolving structure is perfect for supporting you overall export business.

In a transaction specific line of credit, you identify the specific export transaction that you want us to finance. Based on the cost-breakdown you provided, we will finance up to 75% of your pre-shipment expenses. If you need cash, we can advance again to up 90% of your post-shipment account receivable. This transaction specific structure is designed to finance larger size transactions which may exceed your normal business parameter.

GBC International Bank offers medium-term financing as well. This type of financing is available specifically to foreign buyers who are purchasing capital goods that are made in the U.S. The repayment term range is from 2 to 5 years, depending on the purchase order size and the type of product. For environment friendly products, GBC International Bank can structure loans up to a 15 year repayment term.

In a report recently released by Ex-Im Bank, GBC International Bank ranks fourth in the nation and second in the state of California. That's no surprise considering our customers have always been our number one priority.

Ex-Im Bank is a government agency that facilitates the exportation of products consisting of at least 50% U.S. content. Through Ex-Im Bank, GBC International Bank has the authority to approve loans up to $5 million per borrower. Our level of approval is known as High Level Delegated Authority and within this level, GBC International Bank is currently rated as #1 in the nation. You can learn more about these financing programs by visiting www.exim.gov.

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For detail of the EX-IM Guarantee programs, please call to talk to one of our loan officers in Marketing / Lending Team.  For forms to apply for EX-IM Guarantee Line of Credit, please click here.


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