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Debit Cards

ATM/Debit Cards

When you're on the move, convenience matters. Carry a GBC Debit Card or ATM Card to get the cash you need when you need it.


GBC International Bank ATM Card

The GBCIB ATM card may be the most indispensable card you own. Get cash at GBCIB ATMs without charge. Access your account for cash at thousands of ATMs worldwide - just look for the Plus and STAR system symbols. Check balances, make deposits, and transfer money between accounts...do almost all of your banking at any PLUS and STAR system ATM. Make purchases and get cash at thousands of locations that display the PLUS, or STAR symbol, including most supermarkets and gas stations.


GBC International Bank Debit Card

The ATM Card that is so much more! The GBC Debit Card adds the power of worldwide acceptance to your checking account. The GBC Debit Card is not a credit card, which you don't pay an annual fee and you don't pay interest charges on your purchases. Use it just like your ATM Card, and...

  1. Carry less cash and avoid the hassles of writing checks out of town.
  2. Get credit card convenience without paying credit card interest rates.
  3. Get cash or make purchases from your checking account when checks aren't accepted - such as online, telephone or mail order purchases.
  4. Easy to use - simply enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN) or sign a receipt.
  5. Simple to monitor - you'll get a receipt each time you use the card and all your transactions will be clearly shown on your monthly checking account statement.


We have branches in California and Washington States to serve your financial needs.

For detail of how to apply for a GBC Debit Card or ATM Card, please call to talk to one of our customer service representatives in Branch Operations Team.



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