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Safe Deposit Boxes

Extra Security For Your Valuables

Safe deposit boxes provide the opportunity to store valuable papers and other items at the bank for added security. We offer boxes in various sizes (depending on location), and the rental fees are based on the size of the box. When you sign a rental agreement for a safe deposit box, you will get two keys, which you must return to us when you close out your box. For your security, we do not maintain a copy of your keys to the safe deposit box.


  1. Safe storage for important papers and other valuable items
  2. Private rooms for visiting purposes, accessible during normal business hours
  3. Variety of box sizes available
  4. Fireproof box protection


Facts: Only authorized persons are allowed access to the box. Annual rental fee varies depending on box size Available to authorized persons during normal business hours.


We have branches in California and Washington States to serve your financial needs.

For detail of how to rent a safe deposit box at GBCIB, please call to talk to one of our customer service representatives in Branch Operations Team.



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