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SBA Export Working Capital Program (EWCP)

SBA’s Role in Export Financing

Many banks in the U.S. do not provide working capital advances on export orders, export receivables or letters of credit. Small businesses may, therefore, lack necessary export working capital to support their export sales. That is where an SBA program can make the difference. SBA EWCP Program provides Participating Lenders with up to a 90% guaranty on export loans up to $5 million as a credit enhancement, so that the lenders will make the necessary export working capital available.  Not only is GBC International Bank one of the Participating Lenders, but we are one of the few Preferred Lenders (PLP) of the SBA EWCP Program in the United States.

Exporters can apply for EWCP loans financed by GBC International Bank and guaranteed by SBA in advance of finalizing an export sale or contract. With an approved EWCP loan in place, exporters may have greater flexibility in negotiating export payment terms.


Benefits of the EWCP

  • Financing for suppliers, inventory or production of export goods
  • Export working capital during long payment cycles
  • Financing for stand-by letters of credit used as bid or performance bonds or down payment guarantees
  • Reserves domestic working capital for the company’s sales within the US
  • Permits increased global competitiveness by allowing the exporter to extend more liberal sales terms
  • Increases sales prospects in under-developed markets which have high capital costs for importers
  • Contributes to the growth of export sales
  • Low fees and quick processing times



We have branches in California and Washington States to serve your financial needs.

For detail of the SBA Export Working Capital Program, please call to talk to one of our loan officers in Marketing / Lending Team.  For forms to apply for SBA EWCP, please click here.


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