Who We Are

About Us

GBC is a community focused business bank with a tradition of serving and solving the complex banking and lending needs of our customers. Our history is rooted in a tradition of customer loyalty and serving those that need us most, including the diverse population within the communities we serve.

Now more than ever we realize the importance local banks play in assisting community-based businesses, their owners and their employees. As business owners continue to face new and dynamic challenges, GBC remains committed to extending our services to those who need us most. 

Our Team 

Our services are as diverse as our team members and reflect an in-house expertise that can only be found in a bank committed to its customers, community and the future of small businesses.

Located in Southern and Northern California and the Pacific Northwest, our branches and services are supported by local team members who understand their customers, local cultures and the needs of their communities. We are more than a bank. We are one family.

Purpose and Values

We adhere to the following set of values and guiding principles to ensure we remain focused on a commitment to excellence for ourselves, our colleagues, our communities, and our shareholders. They include: 

Our Purpose

To simplify complex banking and enable our customers to succeed.

Our Values and Guiding Principles

Our team members demonstrate RESPECT for each other, our peers and those we serve.

COMPASSION and understanding are at the heart of everything we do.

We strive to be happy and to inspire HAPPINESS at every opportunity.

Our strength is our RESILIENCY, a cornerstone of our history.

We are committed to GROWTH, both personally and professionally.