Savings & Money Market

“The secret to getting ahead is getting started”
Open a savings account and watch your money grow
Choosing the right savings account is essential; we specifically designed programs to help your savings grow faster. GBC International Bank offers two types of personal saving accounts. Compare to decide which account offer is best suited for you.

Account Features Savings Account* Money Market Account
Minimum Opening Balance $2000 $2500
Minimum Daily Balance to avoid  Service Charge $2000 $2500
Maintenance Fee Waiver with Minimum Daily Balance
Monthly Service Charge if Below the Minimum Daily Balance $5* $5
Interest Bearing Account Tiered interest rates
ATM Card
Eligible for FDIC Insurance

*Service Charge may be waived if Personal Savings & Personal Checking accounts combined daily balances exceed $4000; or Personal Savings & Personal NOW Accounts combined balances exceed $5000.