Digital Banking

“Getting it Right”
GBC Online Banking lets you do your banking quickly and securely anytime, anywhere.

Advantages of using online banking are:

  1. Free for any GBC customer with an eligible checking account.
  2. Make payments online to almost any individual or company in the U.S., safe and dependable
  3. View pending and recent payments and up to 6 months of payment history.
  4. View current balances and up to 90 days of your activity on checking, savings, and investment money market accounts, as well as installment loans, CDs, and lines of credit.
  5. View, search for, print, or save copies of posted checks.
  6. Set up bill reminders to be received via email or online.
  7. Automatic payment scheme: Pay recurring bills that have a consistent monthly amount, like your mortgage or car payments.
  8. Free GBC Balance Alerts: You can sign up for threshold alerts to notify you when your account balance goes above or below the amount you specify.
  9. Place a stop payment on checks and send secure messages to and from GBC customer service.